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On March 11th 1885, Ebenezer Tredgett left Cambridge, England, embarking on March 12th on the ship "Kaikoura" at Gravesend, as Mr E (Edward) Turner, and emigrated to New Zealand.
He was accompanied by his "wife", Maude Mary Constable, (b: November 20, 1865, Sparrow Lane, Cambridge, England. d: May 14, 1944, 26 Summit Drive, Mt Albert, Auckland, NZ.), who had worked for him in his Cambridge shop.
They arrived in Wellington on 28th April, 1885 and almost immediately took a separate ship to Auckland.
Edward and Maude married on March 27 1906, in the residence of Rev J Clarke, Whitaker Lane Auckland.

Ebenezer / Edward then with Maude, raised a second family.

Edward and Maude with their nine sons.

Front Row: Harvey, Frank, Edward, Selwyn, Raymond, Maude, Philip.
Back Row: Eb, Bert, Ernest, Arundel.




















Kate Maud Turner, b: October 8, 1885 Parnell, Auckland, N Z. d: April 27, 1886 at Howick, Ak.

Ebenezer Constable Turner, b: October 30, 1886 above fruit shop 74-76 Karangahape Rd, Ak. d: May 12, 1940 in Mater Hospital, Epsom, Ak. Married: Margaret Maud Woodward b: May 5, 1887? d: 1973. Eb was a founder and first chairman of Turners & Growers Ltd.

Philip Turner, b: April 16, 1888 above fruit shop 74-76 Karangahape Rd, Ak. d: September 12, 1960 at Ak. Married: Jessie Crudge b: January 7, 1890? d: June 19, 1977 Ak. Phil was sometime an Avondale Borough Councillor, founder and Chairman of Turners & Growers Ltd.

SIR Harvey Turner, b: November 9, 1889 above fruit shop 74-76 Karangahape Rd, Ak. d: December 31, 1983 at Ak. Married: Margaret Ethel Penman b: March 20, 1891, Ak d: November 27, 1978 at Ak. Harvey formed and was Managing Director of Turners & Growers Ltd for 41 years. He was Chairman from 1934 to 1969 (at age 80) except for the war years 1940 to 1943. He was Chairman of the Auckland Harbour Board 1952-53.

Bertram Huia Turner, b: December 18, 1890 above fruit shop 74-76 Karangahape Rd, Ak. d: Abt. August 14, 198 at Ak. Married: Gwendoline Allen Jean Kay b: October 18, 1890? d: Unk. Bert was a Director of Turners & Growers for 20 years and of subsidiary companies. He was a Mount Roskill Borough Councillor for some years.

Arundel Turner, b: December 8, 1893 Huia, Ak. d: August 11, 1983 at Ak. Married: Ida Florence Sheddan b: December 8, 1892? d: March 9, 1965 at Ak. Second Wife of Arundel Turner: Ina Hinemoa, formerly Lilly nee Norish b: September 30, 1897? d: Unk. Del was sometime a councillor of the Birkenhead Borough. He was also variously Assistant and Acting Manager of Turners & Growers Ltd and a Director of associated companies.

Ernest Wilfred Turner, MBE, b: November 25, 1894 at Huia, Ak. Married: Annie Louise Grindrod b: May 15, 1896? d: December 20, 1973, Ak. Ernest was in charge of the store and transport division of Turners & Growers Ltd. He was mayor of Mt Eden Borough for two terms and chairman of the Harbour Board 1961-62.

Harold Raymond Turner, b: December 14, 1898 at Huia, Ak d: July 26, 1979 at Mt Albert, Ak. Married: Mary Jane Nisbet Reay b: November 20, 1901 Morven, Canterbury, N Z. d: November 20, 1983 at Mt Albert, Ak. Ray was minister of six Baptist Churches before joining his brothers at Turners & Growers Ltd.

Francis Gordon Turner, b: October 26, 1908 Rendall Place, Eden Terrace, Ak d: December 24, 1998 at Auckland, NZ. Married: Graham McPherson Cochran b: April 5, 1909? d: March 17, 1990 at ? Frank worked with his brothers. He was mayor of Mt Albert Borough for three terms and a member of the regional Authority.

George Selwyn Turner, b: June 24, 1911 Selwyn Road, Mt Albert, Ak. d: October 13, 1998 at Ak. Married: Ruth Alice Chandler b: August 5, 1911? Selwyn was in charge of the vehicle fleet at Turners & Growers Ltd.

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